Description of venue: No, the bar doesn’t serve gold. But the new spot from Jamie Mulholland and his team of Cain creators oozes with riches and richies. There’s an arcing gold ceiling, gold chain link curtains, gold skulls covering the walls with mesmerizing texture and light play. There are even gold turntables in the DJ booth. Along the walls – both the gold ones by the front bar and the back scull-adorned ones – hang portraits, gold-framed and lamp-lit oil paintings. Not museum relics, but artist renditions of proprietors, investors and the like (so getting a good look at the face of the dukes and earls isn’t a bad idea). Individual bathrooms feature haute-gauche graffiti art, done in part to deter would-be taggers and defacing hooligans. Even the cocktail waitresses’ flight attendant-esque uniforms work as both intricately detailed costumes with gold chain trim and as cute, goods-revealing mini dresses. But you’ve got to be in the game to get through the colossal NoLita doors; the velvet ropes are tight and borrowing Amy Sacco’s infamous tactics they’re keeping them that way even when the inside is nearly empty. 

Address: 389 Broome St Manhattan, NY 10013

Dress code: Casual

Additional details: 21+