Neon lounge

neon lounge


Description of venue: Neon Lounge is one of the few venues making a grand entrance to The Bronx, but coining itself as “the hottest spot of the BX,” we have a feeling that many are going to take a break from Manhattan and head uptown.  As one of the very few Latin upscale spots, Neon Lounge provides drink specials, as well as a mix of Hip-Hop, techno, and seductive Latin beats.  Guests can also take part in laser light shows all night long, as well as meet gorgeous patrons ready to mingle.  While many venues are closing down due to the recession, Neon Lounge has plans to giveaway two round trip tickets to the Dominican Republic.  Neon Lounge already gets major brownie points for effort.

Address: 1712 University Avenue Bronx, NY 10453

Dress code: Casual

Additional details: 21+