Tekashi 69 Fears For Family Safety, Lives … Testimony Nears In Kidnapping Trial

It’s just about time for Tekashi 69 to pay the piper, testifying in open court against his alleged kidnappers … while knowing full well it could make his family members targets of gang retaliation. The rapper — who’s currently incarcerated on federal racketeering charges — is expected to testify next month about the kidnapping and assault he claims he fell victim to in 2018. Cops arrested a suspect in the case, who pled not guilty, and also claims Tekashi made up the whole thing.FYI, the guy calling BS — Anthony Ellison — was formerly part of Tekashi’s management team and cops believe he’s affiliated with the Nine Trey Bloods, the same gang Tekashi was with prior to his bust. Bottom line … they know each other well.