Steve Kerr Fears The Warriors Arena Might Be The Next target

Steve Kerr says he’s legitimately scared a shooter could walk into the Warriors practice and start “spraying” him and the team … after the latest massacres in Dayton and El Paso.”I think about it all the time,” the Golden State head coach said this week. “Somebody could walk in the door in the gym right now and start spraying us with an AR-15.””They could,” he added. “It might happen because we’re all vulnerable.”Kerr — in a sit-down interview with Bay Area News Group on Monday revealed his concerns after at least 31 more people died in mass shootings over the weekend in Texas and Ohio.Kerr says all of the violence has made him feel he’s not safe anywhere … including in an NBA gym.”We’re all vulnerable,” he said, “whether we go to a concert, a church, the mall or go to the movie theater or a school.”The 53-year-old says there’s only one way to fix the issue … saying American citizens need to “demand change from the gutless leadership that continues to allow this to happen.”