Lil Yachty Fires Back In Bounced Check Jewelry Lawsuit

Near the end of last year, Lil Yachty took to Instagram Live to address some accusations that were floating around about him. Guven’s Fine Jewelry informed the media that it would be filing a breach of contract lawsuit against Yachty for failing to pay the full sum he owed them. The Atlanta rapper supposedly tried to clear ... More

Yo Gotti & JAY-Z file second lawsuit against Mississippi Department of Corrections

Yo Gotti, Roc Nation’s Team Roc and JAY-Z are continuing their legal battle on behalf of Mississippi inmates. On Wednesday (Feb. 26), Team Roc announced they have collectively filed a second civil lawsuit against the Mississippi Department of Corrections in an effort to shut down Parchman prison, which has been at the center of multiple ... More

Kevin Durant Shows Support For Marijuana Use

Kevin Durant recently chopped it up with former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on their "All the Smoke" podcast, as the trio discussed a range of topics including Durant's time with Golden State, burner accounts, and his relationship with his former teammates. Barnes and Captain Jack also brought up the topic of marijuana in ... More

Certified Saturdays @Katra ft Dj Exequtive



Safaree's putting his third leg to work ... and it's paying off BIG time. The anaconda Nicki Minaj was allegedly obsessed with -- on and off for 12 years landed Safaree a 7-figure deal with one of the top sex toy makers, Doc Johnson ... which proudly boasts of its 40 years in the quality, hand-crafted sex toy game. ... More

Eddie Murphy girl is having his 10th kids

Eddie Murphy is about to have enough kids to play a regulation basketball game at family gatherings -- his gf is pregnant with his TENTH child! Paige Butcher was showing off her baby bump Monday in L.A., and looking pretty damn hot while doing it. The form-fitting pink dress and jean jacket scream MILF alert ... even in casual ... More

NBA Rumors kyle korver trade to Lakers or Celtics

 Lebron james has been known to bring alot of his Lebron guys ( Former teamates ) like with hismove back to cleveland where he had dywane wade james jones mike miller join him and others but recently new talks is on rumours a get about lebron trying  get former cleveland cavaliers teamate kyle korver to join him on the lakers More