Cardi B, French Montana Sued You Chopped My Beat & Didn’t Pay!!!

Cardi B, French Montana, Yo Gotti, City Girls, and Master P all sampled a beat in some of their most famous tracks but when it came time to pay the DJ who created it, they went radio silent … so claims the DJ in a lawsuit. Kirk Edwards who is most known by the name of DJ JMK — is suing the rappers claiming he produced a beat Master P famously rapped over in 2002 “Choppa Style,” has over 9 million streams on YouTube, and a small chunk of that track has been sampled in other notable tracks JMK said he made the instrumental in November 2000 and played it at clubs where he DJ’d — says the rappers have all “misappropriated many of the recognizable and key protected elements” of his work. He’s now suing for copyright infringement.