Ben Simmons Racist Allegations Are Lies …Casino Claims

NBA StarBen Simmons was NOT racially profiled or denied entry from a famous casino in Australia on Monday …according to a rep for the Crown Casino in Melbourne. The 23-year-old NBA superstar — who was raised in Australia — made a video with several fellow men of color claiming they were hassled by casino security and ultimately denied entry because of their race.”They didn’t let me in, or him or this guy. Wow, we got a long way to go,” Simmons said while showing the Crown Casino security members who allegedly shut them down.”Crown strenuously rejects reports that it discriminated against a group of visitors last night,” the statement said.”Crown’s internal security policy requires our security officers to check the identification of those persons they believe to be under the age of 25, this is an enhanced safeguard to ensure that no one under the age of 18 is permitted entry to the Casino Floor as required by Law.”The group subsequently provided identification and were permitted entry. Crown is an inclusive workplace.”Crown’s story is completely different than Ben’s — with the biggest part being they claim they ALLOWED Ben and his friends to enter the casino.