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STAR WRESTLER LOSES SCHOLARSHIP Over Homophobic Slur at Trump Rally

Cal poly don't play when it comes to hate speech -- the University just REVOKED a scholarship for a star high school wrestler who was caught on camera using a homophobic slur while holding a dona;d trump campaign sign. The wrestling star is 18-year-old bronson harmom -- who scored a medal in the California CIF State ... More


The driver who crashed into Indianapolis Colts player edwin jackson in Feb. -- killing the linebacker -- has pled guilty in his DUI case . The case became a HUGE deal when president trump tweeted that it was disgraceful that Jackson was killed by a man who was in the United States illegally. Now we've learned the ... More

Taylor swift SUED

taylor swift flat-out stole her gaming app, The Swift Life ... so claims a tiny computer company that is going after the singer in court.SwiftLife -- a computer consulting company -- claims it owned its name since 2007, and then Taylor came along and just jacked it.SwiftLife is a one-man company and its owner, Patrick Benot, ... More

stevie j and faith evans get married

It appears that congratulations are in order for Faith Evans and stevie j, who have tied the knot.The couple wed in their Las Vegas hotel room on late Tuesday night without any friends and family present.The singer and the music producer hopped on a plane and immediately applied for a marriage certificate in the state of ... More

Carmelo Anthony to the Atlanta hawks!!! for Dennis schroder

NBA all star carmelo anthony has just been hopping around from team to team lately. After a not so good season with the oklahoma city thunder carmelo anthony is taking his talents to the Atlanta Hawks to play along side new star rookie trae young who was drafted in the first round pick 5 in the latest NBA draft .  More