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Watch the wold cup in the rockefeller center for FREE

This year telumundo has partered with NYCFC to host the viewieng of all world cup matches on giant screen tv in the rockefeller center. the space will be decked out with bleachers, a custom-built soccer field and an exhibit showing off a collection of vintage soccer shirts. The fun kicks off with a viewing party of the ... More

NBA star patrick beverley believes the clippers are the best in the league

NBA star point guard patrick beverley adressed his conncerns about who is the best team in the NBA.peverley has stated that everyone need to stop sleeping on the clipppers because they are top contenders.He believes him and avery bradley are the best defenders in the NBA and that guys on there team such as tobias harris and ... More

Future new album Beastmode draws concern

Rapper future has just dropped a new album called Beastmode which draws many questions and concerns due to it being dropped on the same day as his baby mama ciara second wedding anniversary .Fans were quick to make this connection between events and went straight to social media with it but future has made it clear that the ... More

Mariah Carey goes mommy mode

Mariah carey transformed from superstar to concerned parent real quick in Vegas after her son put a plastic bag over his head onstage.Carey's back at Caesars Palace for a string of shows, and brought out her 7-year-old twins, Morroccan and  Monroe, while she belted out "Always Be My Baby." The twins tossed gifts to ... More

Ronda Rousey UFC host hall of fame speech

UFC  Hall of Famer Ronda rousey has recently become the first woman to ever be introduced into the hall of fame. Ronda believes that she has changed what it means to fight like a girl.She has made sure to thank her fans, motivaters, supporters, and haters and has made it clear that she could not have done it without that ... More

Donald trump sends Kim Jong -un Elton john rockets ‘rocket man’cd

It's just breathtaking Donald trump sent Secretary of State Mike poempo to North Korea with a gift for Kim Jong un a copy of Eltons "Rocket Man" with Trump's John Hancock on the CD cover.Pompeo just left for Pyongyang to meet with the North Korean dictator about denuclearization. During Trump's meeting with kim, he asked ... More

big brother star kaitlyn n-word

Big brother houseguest kaitlyn went from zero to stupid real quick when she dropped the n-word Thursday night during the show's online live feed.She was talking to 2 other guests Tyler and Scottie about making a quick transition ... when Kaitlyn, who is white, decided it was the perfect time to quote Drake's "0 to ... More

Chris Brown arrested for felony battery after florida concert

 R&B star Chris Brown hopped off the stage and into a police cruiser after cops arrested him following a concert in Florida.Brown had a show at the Coral Sky Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach Thursday where several officers were waiting in the wings and when Chris wrapped he was arrested.Law enforcement sources tell ... More