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rodney king beating cop stacey koo charged with DUI

Koon was acquitted in the original King beating case -- which sparked riots in L.A. -- but was later found guilty in federal court for violating King's civil rights. He served 30 months in prison.If convicted now, Koon faces a max of 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine -- but, that's unlikely because he's a first time DUI ... More

Janoris jenkins breaks silence on death that occured in his home

NY Giants star Janoris Jenkins says the man who was killed at his New Jersey home was a "good friend" -- and it "hurts my heart to know that he's passed.officials found a dead body in Jenkins' basement on June 26. The body was identified as music producer Roosevelt Rene, aka Trypps Beats.Janoris' brother William Jenkins has ... More

UFC Star Matt Serra subsudes alleged drunk guy being a a-hole

Serra was chllin' at the Grand Cafe at Red Rock Casino -- the night before he's set to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame -- when he saw the alleged a-hole being a jerk to staff. The former welterweight champ subdued the patron -- while the guy continued to yell at Serra, "I'm gonna f*ck you up."Spoiler: he did NOT ... More

NFL star Gareon Conley sues rape accuser

Oakland Raiders cornerback Gareon Conley is out for revenge against the woman who accused him of rape .saying the "false" allegation caused him to fall in the NFL Draft, costing him a fortune.Conley a star player at Ohio State was investigated for rape after Brooke Puscian told police he sexually assaulted her in a Cleveland ... More

Heather LockLear facing lawsuit on EMT that she allegedly attacked

Heather LockLear may have to answer for her alleged drunken attack on a paramedic and not just in criminal court because we've learned the EMT's hired a lawyer.The EMT who Heather allegedly kicked during her most recent dustup late last month claims to have suffered serious injury during the ordeal. The EMT has hired personal ... More