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Confusion around xxx tentacion will money

As many know the death of musical artist xxx was a tragic .In his music xxx talked about death and if he was to die he would be ready.With being ready xxx around november of 2017 created and signed his will but being a young and upcoming artist with no kids xxx signed off that all of his money with go to his family of just a ... More

American Idol rigged ?

Former "American Idol" champ Taylor hick says he had inside information about who was getting eliminated each week when he was on the show and that he wasn't the only one. On WJOX radio taylor let the world know that he had an in the whole production of the show" who told him the results before they were revealed during ... More

Rapper greedo oopsie misses flight to prison

greedo oopsie failed to appear in court Wednesday to turn himself in for a 20-year prison sentence and we've learned it's because he missed his flight out of Los Angeles. Which caused the judge  too issue a bench warrant for his arrest after Greedo was a no-show, which is standard protocol.Now rapper greedo oopsie&n... More

Ex NBA-star ben gordon charges dismissed for robbery at knife-point

Ex nba star of the chicago bulls Ben gordon has recently found put that all his charges for allegedly going to an L.A. apartment building, pulling a blade on the manager and demanding thousands of dollars in cash  we've learned ALL of the charges have been dismissed after Ben reached a "civil compromise" with the ... More

Ronnie wants custody over 3 month old child after car incident

After car fight with his baby mother jen harley .ronnie has recently made it clear that he wants custody over his 3 month old daughter ariana .Ronnie say he's considering getting a family attorney involved because, so far, there's absolutely no formal custody arrangement. We're told Ronnie wants 50/50 joint custody ... ... More

Drake comes clean on having a son

Early friday morning rapper Drake dropped his new album scorpion in his latest album drake has made it clear to everyone that he has a son.After being dissed last month by pusha-T  in a diss track for hiding his son in secret drake has made it clear in his song emotionless that "I wasn't hiding my kid from the world. ... More