Katra Lounge

Katra Lounge NYC located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan is beautiful and classy. Looking to instill a laid-back vibe that’s more club than lounge. Katra Lounge NYC gives you that sense of relaxed intimacy. That feeling is furthered by the pillow strewn couches in the four latticed nooks illuminated by pendant lamps. Included is the imposing copper lights, and candled lanterns, which were all imported from Morocco.

Whether you’re downstairs at Katra Lounge NYC‘s second bar with hanging carpets from the Atlas mountains. Upstairs in the lofted dining area, be sure to check out the sexy decor and beautiful crowd. Katra Lounge NYC and it’s state of the arts sound system will have you dancing all night.

Katra Lounge NYC has an exclusive cocktail menu consisting of aromatic ingredients that will inspire the pallet and enhance the dining experience. Drinks at Katra Lounge NYC include a Saffron Martini and the Tangier Safi both of which are sure to become fast favorites! Nightlife at Katra Lounge NYC is always in full effect. Katra Lounge NYC transforms itself into one of the hottest lounges in nyc when night time falls.

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