Club Amadeus

Club Amadeus Queens also known as Club Amadeus NYC is a state of the art space in Queens New York. Minutes away from the heart of Manhattan and easily accessible to MTA transit. Club Amadeus NYC ‘s goal was to make all guests equidistant from the party, and to create an experience to which all would be able to contribute, because all would be able to participate. For many reasons Amadeus NYC is Queens New York City’s hottest and sexiest venue by far. You can tell from the start that your night at Amadeus Queens will be a good one. From the moment you see the facade you are taken back. All the lights that are present in Club Amadeus Queens NYC exterior are beautiful.

Club Amadeus Queens has set a new level in New York nightlife with an amazing sound system. The lighting system and all other design systems are experiential and inter-connected. As they exist and support one another to offer a seamless overall performance. A number of fixtures shaped as circles are scattered throughout Club Amadeus Queens to create a canopy like effect which is readable from every corner of the club. Some of the circles at Amadeus Queens are intelligent light fixtures. Some are clad in reflective materials and some are upholstered. Flexible LED screens are also shaped as circles in to further enhance areas like the dance floor. The stairwell to the mezzanine and the bar are grand. The LED screen above the Amadeus Queens dance floor complements a moving chandelier-like fixture. It rises and lowers in a dance of lights and effects. Club Amadeus NYC is Elmhurst is Queens hottest club and lounge. The club has some the best birthday packages and bottle packages.

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