Spinderella Suing Former Hip-Hop Group Salt-N-Pepa

Spinderella filed a suit against her former groupmates, going back for over nearly 35 years. She claims it began with their ‘Best of’ album, that was released in 1999. In the lawsuit, Spinderella says she was promised one-third of the royalties for the record, and even got a phone call telling her she would be getting $125k … but she never received it. Spinderella also reported that the group screwed her out of money from Sound Exchange. Her groupmates had also been paid more than $600k in royalties over the last decade, but she hadn’t seen any of that money. That’s not all, Spinderella says she also got screwed over when Salt-N-Pepa excluded her from a VH1 TV show based on the group’s rise to stardom. The lawsuit also states that she was “promised one-third of the group’s fee for the show and even though she got an occasional guest spot, she got way less than one-third. Spinderella recently reported that she got NO compensation for their appearance at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.