chad from the bachaloreatte Sues Movie Producer . I TURNED YOU DOWN AND YOU SHAFTED ME!!!

chad johnson — best known as the villain on jojo’s season of “The Bachelorette” — was breaking into the movie biz, but he claims he got screwed over by a producer because he wouldn’t screw her.Chad, who’s also a “Bachelor in Paradise” alum, claims a producer with Sunset Studios named christina cimino reached out to him via Instagram in March, and told him she could help him land movie roles.According to the docs … she used her power to lure Chad into several in-person meetings, phone calls and thousands of texts, which he says became “progressively more sexual and provocative.”Chad claims he wanted to keep things professional and made this known to Cimino, and she originally obliged by offering him gigs in 2 movies — for an $11 million payday.