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McGregor running out of money ?

After a big fight with undefeated boxing champion floyd mayweather which gave Mcgregor alot of money eventhough he loss .He has stopped cometing in the ufc buisness and has taken along break from fighting to the point where people believe that he would soon retire, But suddenly McGregor asked for a fight which lead many t make ... More

Lala Anthony wants justice for junior

After the brutal and tragic death of junior the young 15 years old from the bronx. Hollywood star Lala anthony has shown her deep regards and emotions towards the situation. She has visited the family of junior since she heard that junior was a very big melo fan she also had a big mural with the face of junior created and given ... More

Jen says she was the one attacked by the hollywood star ronnie ortiz from jersey shore

After being arrested Jenhas made her statement clear that Ronnie was the agressor in the situation Jen told the officers that ronnie struck her multiple times during there argument she says she was driving and Ronnie was in the passenger's seat. She says Ronnie became aggressive, reaching for the steering wheel and hitting her ... More

cops get access to rihanna alleged stalker social media

 Home intruder Eduardo leon the man who broke into singer rihanna home in LA and spent the entire night hiding out in her house waiting for her to come home so he can try and have sex with her , but not use force to make it happen.This is also not the first time that eduardo attempted to stay in rihanna house until ... More

NFL star Jameis winston apologizes to female uber driver for sexual assault incident and blames it on alchohol

Jameis winston is a NFL star for the tampa bay bucks who forcibly grabbed a female uber driver vagina after she picked him up from a bar.  After being suspended the star explained that it was a Uncharacteristic act of him and only took place because he was drunk he also began to explain that this is something he ... More

Ron Jeremy sued for sexual asssault and battery

filmaker, actor, and stand-up comedian Ron jeremy has been sued for sexual assault and battery .In Washington at a radio promotional event there was a women modeling for the station and asked Ron can she get a autograph signed across her breast  but instead, she says he pulled down her shirt, reached under her bra and ... More

Rapper meek mills wants a new judge on his case

Recently coming out of jail meek and his legal team have asked the supreme court can judge Genece Brinkley be removed from his case.Meek legal team asked for a new trial because  the only witness in Meek's 2008 trial is a key figure in a massive Philadelphia scandal, but judge genece denied that meek gets a new trial ... More

Jersey Shore’ Star Ronnie Left Trail of Blood in Car Dragging Incident

The hollywood jersey shore star Ronnie ortiz magro was dragged with a car by his baby mama. Ronnie and his baby mama jen had got into a argument which resulted in them fighting Jen allegedly struck ronnie in the face than dragged him when he tried to get out of the vehicle creating a bloody mess all with there two month old ... More

singer ed sheeran sued $100 Mill for allegedly copying marvin gaye “lets get it on”

singer ed sheeran was sued by Structured Asset Sales they filed the lawsuit, claiming Ed's song, "Thinking Out Loud," copied Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On." The company sued ed for $100 million stating that sheeran's song has the same harmonies, bassline, rhythms, drums ,tempo ,and backing chorus as "Let's get it on" by ... More